Liberté, egalité, saponetté

I am such a desperate housewife! Have you heard? The exciting serial “Di chi è quello stronzo nel bagno” has a new, surreal episode.
Our friends, the french couple, left an other surprise for us some day ago, this time in the kitchen. No, no, it’s not what you’re thinking about again, luckily it consisted only in scrambled eggs almost everywhere… I have to recognize that, at least, they are quite creative in their soil. Who knows, it could happen that next time I’ll find a collection of boogers in the fridge.
Anyway, Artur and me decided to dare and tell them to clean. You know, battles can last very long. We spent two days in a cold war, just leaving all as it was. Then, on sunday morning, I heard Artur meeting them, finally (yeah, they’re like ghosts, whose presence is shown, instead of chains, by…well, you got it) and kindly asking them to wash that mess.
And the miracle happened: they started to clean the whole house, I guess it was their first time in life. I was sincerely touched by this, and I tryed to be nice with them, according to the “positive reinforce” theory: the more you make compliments, the better a person should behaviour in that activity. May be they didn’t study psychology, because when I enthusiasticly exclaimed “thank you!” the guy just killed me with his gaze. Mmm…and the girl whispered to him, later, something like “now Madame and Monsieur will be happy”.
I have the slight impression that they’re hating us. They are the victims, and we are the cruel flatmates. Got it. It makes sense, doesn’t it? At least, it happened also in my flat in Milan: the dirty man was losing his hair everywhere, and at the end I was asked to pay the hydraulic because of “long hair in the shower” (they must have some sophisticated trycho-analysis system).
I am such a bad girl. Well, now I’m sharing the fault with my evil flatmate Artur, you all know how dirty he is, he is simply not able to clean the bathroom without my help.
I am only asking myself one thing: but why the bidet, the highest symbol of dignity of my country, has a french name?


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